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village of Dobarsko

The village of Dobarsko is situated 12 km away from the Banya village, 17 km away from Bansko and 80 km away from Blagoevgrad.

The village has 700 inhabitants and 200 houses, 60 of them are adapted for tourist accomodation and 5 are announced as monuments of culture.

The village is famous for „St. Theodor Tiron and Theodor Stratilat“ church, built in 1614. It was announced as monument of culture and registered in UNESCO's list of cultural monuments. Additionaly, the church is one of the 100 National Tourist Sights in Bulgaria.

The church is three-naved pseudobasilica, half-built in the ground due to the law during the turkish slavery.
The church is famous for the mural paintings with Jesus Christ's life scenes, including the unique scene, which can be seen only here – Jesus Christ in a „space ship“.
Also uniquely, you can see about 30 images of women saints painted – something not to be found in other churches.

The legend claims that the first settlers were the blinded  soldiers of Samuil, King of Bulgaria. En route they passed trough Dobarsko where their pain and suffering was relieved by the natural sping water that today still flows in the church's yard. This legend entered the local history and has its reflexion in the mural paintings.

The village people say that Dobarsko is surrounded by guardian ring of  eight chapels. They are  „Goatherd church“, „St. Iliya“, „St. Spas“, „St. Atanas“, St. Trinity“, „St. Virgin Mary“, „St. Dimitar“ and „St. George“ churches. Another interesting sight is the so called „Kopana church“.

Dobarsko is also famous for the carolling tradition on 6-7 of January – it's unique for Bulgaria as it's perfomed only by women.

„St. Theodor Tiron and Theodor Stratilat“ church working time: 08:00 – 17:00
At weekends – with preliminary arrangement on: 074406 / 215
/ The tourist's booklet is sealed there/